The Best Eye Primers

Using an eye primer is a great way to get your eye makeup to last all day and to prevent creasing. It also will keep your shadow colors from fading. But some are certainly better than others. Personally, I sometimes cheat and use a bit of my lotion face primer (Laura Mercier) as an eye primer and it works just fine, but there are some really good primers on the market that are dedicated solely to the eyes.

The article below from Total Beauty looks at the best eye primers for creating a perfect makeup look.  It also includes lash primers, which can be a great way to get a bit of extra length and thickness added to your everyday mascara. Of those, the Blinc lash primer on the list is my personal favorite. Among the eye primers, I particularly like Urban Decay Primer Potion and Laura Mercier’s eye primer, even though, as I noted, I often use the Laura Mercier face primer on my my eyes instead.

See the excerpt below for more information and click on through to the Total Beauty website to see the full list of the best eye primers.
15 Best Eye Primers to Make Eye Makeup Last

Tired of your eye shadow and liner ending up a smudged mess at the end of the day? Keep your makeup intact with one of these great eye primers


15 Best Primers to Help Eye Makeup Last

This is a eye makeup article

Primer allows makeup colors to appear truer on your eyes, prevents smudges, and helps keep your makeup lasting longer.You hear it repeatedly from the top makeup artists: Wear makeup primer. Using a top primer can make a huge difference in your makeup and how it wears.  Convinced? Good. Now go get one — Check out these reader favorites.

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No. 15: Paula Dorf Eye Primer, $25 average reader rating: 7.8


No. 15: Paula Dorf Eye Primer, $25

“This primer is not drying at all and can be worn alone or with a very light eyeshadow for a quick natural look.”

No. 14: Lancome Aquatique Waterproof Eyecolour Base, $24.50 average reader rating: 7.9


No. 14: Lancome Aquatique Waterproof Eyecolour Base, $24.50

“You only need to use very little, so it lasts a long time, and is good on days when I don’t wear shadow, [since] it evens out my lids.”

No. 13: Clinique Touch Base for Eyes, $14.50 average reader rating: 8.2


No. 13: Clinique Touch Base for Eyes, $14.50

“It even helps the crappy eyeshadows last a couple hours.”

Want to see what was the top primer? Click here!

Do you have a favorite makeup primer? Is it on the list? If so share it in the comments!

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