Find Out Your Best Eye Shadow Color

Do you know what the best eye shadow color is for your skin tone, eye color, and hair color? How about with your personal preferences factored in? The below tool from Total Beauty is a fun little quiz that looks at your physical characteristics along with your personal makeup preferences and tells you the best eye shadow color.

I took the quiz and had some fun with it. Is is accurate? That I can’t say for sure. It told me (blue eyes, fair skin, red hair, likes understated makeup) to wear to grays and mauve colors, which I am inclined to agree is correct except that I am not personally a big fan of mauve. Although I adore taupe, which is related. Regardless, you can have a bit of fun with one and take or leave the advice that it gives as you see fit.

To take the quiz yourself, click on through below.
What Is Your Best Eye Shadow Color?

Don’ play a guessing game with your eye shadow anymore by using this advice. Take the eye shadow quiz now!


find Out Your Best Eye Shadow Color

This is a eye makeup article

Are you getting tired of your usual brown or gray shadow and black or brown liner? Take this eye shadow quiz to find out what the best eye shadow colors are for you. Discover the most flattering look for your eyes now!

See your best eye shadow colors

If you take the quiz, let us know if you agree or disagree with the results! Do you have a favorite eye shadow shade?

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