Top Luxury Beauty ProductsThat Are Worth The Cash

When it comes to luxury products, it can be difficult to determine what is legitimately worth the money and what is a rip off. I love the list below from Total Beauty because it includes a number of products that I have tried and love. In particular, I adore DHC cleansing oil (which I don’t really consider a luxury item, it isn’t that terribly expensive) and DiorShow Iconic mascara. If you want one the best all around mascaras out there, you really can’t go wrong with that one! Also on the list that I love is a powder from Amazing Cosmetics, a line that I think is rather amazing all around.

I can’t quibble with much of the rest of the list either, For example, I love Nars lipstick and the list includes one of the great (but more expensive) hairdryers. But there are a couple of exceptions. I’m not a big fan of the Wexler product listed. I didn’t hate it, but I also didn’t think that it really did much. I also am not a huge Fekkai fan. I never have seen special results form their products that made me feel like they were worth the extra price. But I will admit that I haven’t used the specific product in the list.

Anyway, click on through below to see the list at the Total Beauty site. It is always nice to see their lists, which are based on reader ratings.
14 Luxurious Beauty Products to Try

These high-end beauty products are totally worth the splurge according to our readers. Check ‘em out


Best Luxury Beauty Products

This is a best beauty products article

When it comes to expensive beauty products, you’d better be buying them purely based on the fact that they ARE better than less-expensive varieties, agreed? See what our readers guarantee are the luxe products you won’t mind plonking down your hard-earned cash for.

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What do you think are the best luxury beauty products? Do you have a favorite splurge item? Is it one the list?

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