Tokidoki Perfetto Eyeliner Swatch and Review

I got a Tokidoki Perfetto eyeliner in my Tokidoki sodashop palette (link is to review and swatches on Beauty and Fashion Tech). I originally got the palette, and hence the liner, because I am a big Tokidoki fan. But it turns out that there is some quality makeup behind the Tokidoki items.

Tokidoki Perfetto Eye Liner

The Perfetto liner is a soft pen type of liner that can draw lines from thick to thin and that is incredibly pigmented and nicely waterproof. Yet, removal was a breeze with my favorite eye makeup remover, Lancome bi-Facial. (Also read why Bi-Facil is the best eye makeup remover ever)

Here is a swatch of my Tokidoki Perfetto liner in Carina:

tokidoki carina eyeliner swatch

The liners come in variety of shades and each features a different Tokidoki character.

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  3. [...] Girl Gloss has a Tokidoki Perfetto Eyeliner swatch. [...]

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