Chapstick to the Rescue!

So, my lips have been super dry lately, even though I constantly wear lip balm or gloss. I kept trying my many favorite balms and nothing was curing the dryness. Those favorites seem to be best for prevention rather than for cure.

Chapstick True Shimmer

So, what has helped the most? Good old Chapstick, specifically, Chapstick True Shimmer (link is to previous review) because it was what I had around and is my favorite from that brand anyway (although the Chapstick Fresh Effect line is nice too). Plenty of folks complain that Chapstick isn’t all natural, and it contains petrolatum, not to mention a bunch of other ingredients that don’t appear to be natural. But right now it is what is working!

So I figured I would give it shout out. With all the fancy balms out there these days, sometimes going to back to basics, despite all the non-natural ingredients, is a bit refreshing.

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