Votre Vu Lip Balm and Hand Creme Combo

How cool is this? Votre Vu, a luxury French skin care company, has a combination lip balm and hand creme in one package. Considering that I am addicted to both, I immediately loved the idea! I also ended up loving both items.

Votre Vue Hand Creme Lip Balm

The Duo is backed in a regular sized tube of hand cream with the balm inside the cap. The hand creme is wonderful. It is quite thick and luxurious and has a nice  almond and coconut scent  I’m not usually a fan of almond scent combos, but for some reason I adore it in this particular hand creme. I must be the coconut that I like so much. As a bonus, the hand creme also has both UVA and UVB sun protection. I would consider purchasing this product for the hand creme alone, but having the balm is a welcome perk and is why I decided to review the product here on Girl Gloss.

The lip balm is a nice medium texture balm with no real discernible scent or flavor. It is untinted. The balm’s primary oil is coconut oil, with the primary butter being shea butter. It lasts well and is quite nice to wear. I find it to be a good basic daily wear balm.

The Votre Vu Lip balm and Hand Creme combination retaiIs at $38, which is a bit high, but not all that bad for a luxury brand. I  love the idea of this product and already am thinking that I need several of these. One for the office, one for my bag, one for home, etc. I am rather amazed that more companies haven’t made such a simple and obviously utilitarian combo! I’m guessing that this one will make my best products of the year list.

Votre Vu is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that sell through consultants, but it appears that you can also order their items online without dealing with a salesperson, which is almost always my preference with such things.

Note: This review is based on a product sent to me by a representative of the company.

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  1. bummer, I thought it was a single product that did double duty. Although, I haven’t seen combo packaging like that before, which is a bit interesting.

  2. Dear Carleen,

    How exciting – we are part of your best product of the year list! Thank you for sharing the love with your readers.

    Brand Ambassador

  3. That is so awesome – Lip balm and hand creme in one? I find my bathroom sink cluttered with beauty products, having one that “consolidates” would definitely be a welcome change. I wonder if someday, a company will combine body lotion, lip balm, hand creme and conditioner?

  4. Very interesting product packaging. It sounds like a fab product and something I may have to try out. Thanks for sharing.


  1. [...] wrote a full review of this lip balm and hand creme combination on Girl Gloss:  Votre Vu lip balm and Hand Creme Combo. But I love it so much, that I wanted to post something about it here [...]

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