Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Ultra Soothing Lip Tint

It is no secret that I love the sally Hansen Natural Beauty Line.  I think that it is the best overall drugstore line out there. They recently put out a new lip gloss: Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Ultra Soothing Lip Tint.  I grabbed one at a CVS store and found it to be as good as expected.

Salley Hansen Natural Beauty Lip TintThe gloss is packaged in a squeeze tube and has a good, non-sticky, light texture.  Gloss level is high. The tint is subtle, but noticeable, which I like. Some brands, no matter how dark the gloss appears in the tube, the tint doesn’t show on the lips. This one does, although it still is light. Pick a rather dark shade for actual tint (this is true of almost all tinted glosses of this type—meaning a squeeze tube type of gloss). It was quite moisturizing and lasted fairly well.

The gloss has a light flavor and is formulated with natural pomegranate, antioxidants, and cranberry. You can find Sally Hansen Natural Beauty products at most drug stores and big box retailers. I have also purchased Natural Beauty cosmetics at Ulta.

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