DHC Mositure Care Lip Gloss Shimmer

DHC Moisture Care Lip Gloss Shimmer icon is a nice basic tube gloss with a lot of shine and bit of shimmer. It conditions with hyaluronic acid, olive oil, and marine collagen.

DHC Moisture Care Lip Gloss Olive Oil

I found it to be a bit more moisturizing than some of the other shimmer tube glosses out there. It also is not sticky. DHC Moisture Care lasts a decent amount of time, and comes in a variety of lightly tinted shades.

DHC is a favorite skincare and makeup company for me. I adore their olive oil products, especially their cleansers. To read reviews on some of their non-lip products take a look at the DHC tag at Beauty and Fashion Tech.

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  1. I find the stickier, the longer it lasts….

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