Snog Lip Balm

Here is a cute little balm. Snog Balm is a small (think short) balm designed to fit well in a pocket. The name comes from the colloquial British expression for caressing, cuddling and/or kissing.


This is a nice little balm. It is pretty much smack in the middle of the oily to waxy continuum and it does indeed fit nicely in a pocket.  I find the balms to be particularly cute because of their size. The PR person noted to me that it makes a great primer for lipstick, so I tried it that way too, and it worked just fine.

Snog Balm is available in four flavors: Natural, Mint, Cherry, and Strawberry. I tried the Strawberry and Mint. Both were tasty!

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  1. I love them for their size too! And people laugh when I pull out a balm called Snog. :)

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