Sephora Brand Super Shimmer Lip Gloss Set

I got a mini set of three Sephora Super Shimmer glosses for my Sephora Insiders Birthday gift. These are nice little tube glosses. Each has a sheer tint and a nice, but not overdone shimmer. The flavor is light and there is absolutely no stickiness to them!


Looking around, I discovered that they are currently available in a limited edition full set, the Sephora Brand Super Shimmer Lip Gloss Set. At $14 for ten glosses, this is a great deal!

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  1. Sephora brand products are often overlooked, and I don’t know why. I love them – the products are spot on and available at such great prices. I will be checking this set out as I step into Sephora later today with my Beauty Insiders discount!

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