Mission Skin Care SPF 15 Lip Balm

Mission Skin Care Lip Balm I have a new favorite outdoor lip balm! Mission Skin Careicon, a line developed with athletes in mind, has a great sun protection balm that comes in three flavors: Orange, Sweet Vanilla, and Mint.

I gave the orange and mint a try, and boy do I like them! Both are quite tasty (the orange is my favorite) and the balm has a nice buttery feel to it, while still be waxy enough to stay on and provide good outdoor protection. That is a nice texture that is hard to find in a balm—most formulations tend to be either quite waxy, which does last well but feels less moisturizing, or they are more glossy, which looks nice, but doesn’t last. Watch for an upcoming review of an Exuviance balm that has a similar feel.

The size on these is small, which I like for outdoor carrying in a pocket, and at $3.99, the price is low enough that the size is not a concern in terms of value.

This one gets two big thumbs up from me!

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  1. That orange balm sounds really good. Of course the others do too.

  2. this sounds so good and good price

  3. I am all into lip balms especially with SPFs in them. Cool! I will look into the orange one. Thank you for your article.

  4. Mission Skin Care Lip gloss w/SPF 15 in Mint flavor is really a good product. Try it you will like it!!! Thank you for you product. My kids love it too.

  5. After reading your review, I guess I will also try this one.

  6. We are curious what the most important thing is about lip balm that makes you actually use it? It doesnt do your lips any good if you buy it and dont use it! Would you say its texture, smell, or perceived benefit? Help us make better products for you. rosemiraorganics.com

  7. Texture and long wear are crucial. A balm that is too thin and oily will not wear long and will actually lead to the lips feeling drier when it wears off. A balm that is too waxy feels uncomfortable to put on. I like a buttery balm that is a bit on the thin side for inside wear and one that is a bit on the waxier side for outdoors. All natural is preferable to products containing petrolatum. While scent and taste are important, if it is too strong it is a turn off.


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