ChapStick True Shimmer

That old standby, ChapStick, has released a neat new version of their balm: ChapStick True Shimmer .

Chaps2 Chaps1

I really like these balms. They have the same consistency as regular ChapStick—medium to heavy in thickness and fairly waxy, so they last for quite awhile, and also quite moisturizing. What is added are great flavor and a very subtle shimmer. You need not worry about things being overdone. The shimmer is barely noticeable, but is enough to add a bit of shine to the lips.

There are two flavors available: Botanical Berry , which has tropical berry/raspberry flavor to it, iconand Tropical which has a fruity coconut type of flavor.  Both are nice and provide a good diversion from the more standard lip balm flavors that are out there.

ChapStick is available just about everywhere and the True Shimmers generally retail for $2.79. They are $2.49 at the links above.

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