O.P.I. Lip Colour

OPI Lip Colour Boy is this one hard to find online! I picked up an OPI Lip Colour from the France Collection at my local ULTA Beauty store and found a really nice lipstick!

OPI is known for their nail lacquers, but they also make some lip items, and they do them well. The Lip Colour lipsticks are creamy sheer shades that are rather versatile and uniformly flattering. This is good, because as far as I can tell, there are only a few shades available for each collection!

The lipstick is on the moisturizing side, and it lasts pretty well too. In general, it is joy to wear.

Each OPI lip colour has by a matching lip pencil, which I didn’t try.

Look for these at your local beauty specialty store or anywhere that carries the full OPI line.

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