Dimitri James Skinn Lip 3X Volumizing Serum

Skinn Lip 3X Plumper I really like Skinn Lip 3X Lip Volumizing Serum. Not so much as a plumper, but as a general conditioner. Skinn’s volumizer is a peppermint laden serum with collagen enhancing ingredients to plump the lips over time.

With a generous amount of sunflower seed oil, the volumizer also moisturizes and conditions quite well. I like it just before bed as nighttime lip treatment!

This one also comes in a generous  sized container, so it will last awhile.

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  1. it seems that Skinn Lip 3X Volumizing Serumm, and lip glosses hard to find…? any suggestions where in USA i can find it?


  2. Carleenp says:

    The Skinn store has a 6x amplifying serum that I believe is the newest version of this: http://store.skinn.com/Eyes_Lips_s/1.htm

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