Contest! Win a C&C California for Burt’s Bee’s T-shirt in Size Small

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Update: Congratulations to Kylee who won this giveaway. Kylee, an email has been sent to you!

Here is your chance to win a great C&C California T-shirt, and you can even get three chances! Once here at Girl Gloss, once at Beauty and Fashion Tech, and yet another chance at the Vote for Natural site in the info below.

If you are not familiar with either Burt’s bees or C&C California, you should be.

Now, Burt’s Bees has teamed up with actress Julian Moore to give consumers the opportunity to cast their votes for natural personal care at Burt’s Bees’ Election Day in New York City and to win prizes such as a C&C California shirt. Here is the information I was sent on the promotion:

Like many consumers, Burt’s Bees has always believed that natural ingredients are safer and more beneficial. The trouble is, it can take a lot of reading between the lines of labels to figure out what’s natural vs. synthetic. To help consumers find what they’re really looking for in a natural product, Burt’s Bees has worked closely with the Natural Products Association and other likeminded brands to develop a Natural Seal—a symbol that lets consumers know when products contain at least 95% natural ingredients. On Burt’s Bees’ Voting Day, a vote for natural is also a vote for the Natural Seal, helping make natural a clear choice after all.

To ensure that the best candidate comes out on top, “green” actress Julianne Moore will be on hand to cast the first vote for natural at the Burt’s Bees Voting Booth at Merchants’ Gate at Columbus Circle in NYC. Other NYC voters can learn more about ‘natural’, cast their vote and receive samples of Burt’s Bees products.

Most importantly, consumers across the America are invited to join Julianne and this movement, casting their votes for the natural at, where they can also learn more about the movement as well as win prizes, including a limited-edition C&C California for Burt’s Bees T-Shirt. Each vote represents a conscious choice to use natural products over the potentially harmful synthetic alternatives as well as support for the new Natural Seal. A ‘vote’ for Natural lets the competition know that the public wants transparency in natural personal care.

You can also win one of the C&C California shirts on both Beauty and Fashion Tech and Girl Gloss! The one being given away here is size Small.

How To Enter: Leave a comment before the end of Tuesday, September 23, stating why you appreciate or would like to try natural products, Burt’s Bees, or C&C California. You must answer one of those questions in order to be entered. Just saying “hi” won’t cut it! One entry per household please. Duplicate entries will be disqualified. On September 24, I will randomly select a winner, who will be notified here and by email. Failure to respond within 7 days will result in the prize being redrawn.

I will be out of town during much of this contest, so please don’t be alarmed if your entry doesn’t show up right away, I will likely be approving comments much slower than normal!  Promotional/spam comments entries will be deleted per the comment policy. Please don’t use your website or product as your user name or include promotional or commercial links in the text, it violates the comment policy.

Good luck!

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  1. Elizabeth Lee says:

    Natural prodeucts are cute and tehy are good for the environment!
    they are easy on the skin, too because without all the chemicals, they are less irritant.

    being green in trendy and everyone looks cuter if the things they are wearing or using is organic!


  2. I’ve not used natural products much and for sure, not recently. I’d like to try them to see how they compare with other products.

  3. I appreciate natural products because they actaully clear my skin a lot better! I never thought of using natural products until just recently but I started using Burts bees and I love it

  4. Hello! The long sleeve tee shirt is fantastic. I would like to try “Burt’s Bees” products.
    I like that they also have a men’s line. It is important to me that they do “No Animal Testing!” Also, there ingredients are: beeswax, botanical and essential oils, herbs,
    flowers and minerals. I didn’t know that if a product says “All Natural” or “100% Natural” doesn’t mean that they are!!!!! The consumer needs to read the product labels and on Burt’s Bees products, read the percent natural bar. Please enter my name in your tee shirt drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

  5. First of all, I APPRECIATE how you’re giving such great shirts away, and I would like to TRY the shirt because I think it’s a great thing to advertise if I’m wearing it anywhere! I appreciate NATURAL because it’s the best thing from the earth, well after natural organic that is but it’s still natural. I’d like to try Burt’s Bees because I’ve tried a little bit of a lotion before and wham! I was so amazed how well it cooled my skin off and I didn’t look like I just ate a hot red chili jalapeno! I usually am extremely pink that I don’t even wear blush. If I wear blush, my face looks as pink as my aunt says “a monkey’s behind”. The Burt’s Bees lotion that I tried was wonderful, it actually worked! I’d also like to try CC California because I just looked at their online store and their clothes look stunning! I’m in love with the designs! I appreciate natural once again not because it works well for my preservative and stuff banning face, but also, it makes me feel good that I know I’m not putting some zemo toca blah blah blah on my face. If I’m willing to ingest the product, then I will put it on because basically, when I put something on my face, but body will absorb it, so I might as well be eating the product. I’m hoping that I will be able to try this shirt out or at least try out a Burt’s Bees product.

  6. i appreciate the simple ingredients used!!! how nice to be able to pronounce the words in the ingredient list!

  7. I love using natural products because it puts me at ease as to what I’m using for my skin/body and that makes me feel that much better about buying it even though it’s more expensive than other brands.

  8. I’m very curious with natural products but I never go to try them really because of doubts. So if I win, this could be a start in trying out ‘greener’ products and hopefully, I’ll be hooked.

  9. I am interested in using natural products because they are good for my well being in the long run.

  10. I appreciate natural products because NO parabens, and no sulfates. which dry and can maybe cause cancer. ICK! plus your skin is just so stinkin healthy when you use them. and you feel way better about what is going down the drain too. it itakes a little while to make a complete switch, but it is getting easier and easier.

    thanks for the contest girlgloss!!!

  11. I appreciate natural products because they show that people aren’t just concerned with making what they want, but making what they want environmentally safe.

  12. I love natural products, i.e. Burt’s Bees. It makes me feel like I’m taking care of myself more. And really, i do deserve that, don’t I? =)

  13. I have to start my thoughts of natural products with the old Indian proverb:

    “Only when the last tree has been cut down;
    only when the last river has been poisoned;
    Only when the last fish has been caught;
    only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.”

    We only have one nature, one mutual responsibility and one mutual health. I am taking my responsibility by choosing what I think is best for nature and Mother Earth; biodegradable products that haven’t harmed anyone in the making. This goes for everything from beauty to household products to clothes and food, and I’m not one to say: “Hey, what difference does it make if I’m who’s so small on this planet changes lifestyle?”. It does matter, to the cow or the bee or to the little bunny who doesn’t have to live their life in a lab just because some customers wants a good hair shampoo no matter what cost.

    I think that it’s so much more to it than just switching shampoo; it’s a lifestyle that will influence others to make the same choices and in the long run, more and more people will become aware of their choices and how much they matter. We don’t need silicones and other non-biodegradable ingredients, what we need are healthy products which have been produced in a humane way. I wouldn’t want my best friend to be kidnapped and put in a lab so she could be tested on, so why would I want to support that when it’s about an defenceless animal’s life? No, Burt’s Bees and similar companies are the way to go.

    I’ll finish off with another story, which says it all to me:

    “The old man, weathered by life and hardened by age, watched with interest as a boy ran along the sea shore, picking up starfish and throwing them back into the sea. The shore-line was covered with thousands of starfish—stranded to die on the hot sands. The seemingly tireless energy of the boy awakened the curiosity of the old man’s otherwise untouchable spirit. The boy came closer to the old man, continuing his persistent rescue mission. Finally, close enough to be heard, the old man spoke: “What does it matter, son? There are thousands more you will never save.” The boy, without hesitation, knelt to pick up another starfish, and tossing it into the sea, responded, “Well, it matters to this one.””

    I would love to win, small is my size too. Thanks for the opportunity!

  14. Just knowing that I’m using products that are helping save the environment, even by just a little, gives me that healthy glow that no make up or treatment could. I support Natural products, and I feel that everyone needs to. If the world did a little bit more (or gave a little more effort), they’d be making Mother Earth do a little bit less. It’ll help in the long run. So, I live by the words: Do good, feel good. And trust me — natural products will make you feel better.

  15. Woo hoo! Thank you for this contest and I look forward to receiving the shirt! It’s my size, too!


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