Pixi Lip Palette

Pixie cosmetics are now being carried by Target. Among the wider range of products are some very nice palettes, including a set of lip palettes, each containing 8 Pixi lip glow cremes. I bought the Perfect Rose palette one and found it to be a fairly nice palette.

pixi cosmetics lip palette

The palette itself is made of light green plastic, which felt a bit cheap to me considering the price, but it still was of decent enough quality. A mirror and a small serviceable brush are included. The lip shade are all quite nice, with some being quite sheer and a few being more of a medium sheer. They feel great on the lips and last fairly well. Below are swatches of the shades in the same order that they appear in the palette:

pixi cosmetics target lip gloss

As you can see, the top row is much more sheer than the bottom. On the whole, this palette provides a great way to obtain eight useful shade in one color family. Besides the Perfect Rose palette that I tested, the company offers the Perfect Bronze and Tan Topper Palettes with additional shades.

Look for Pixi in the Target beauty aisles or online.To read abut the eye shadow palettes, take a look at my review on Beauty on Fashion Tech.

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