Kiss My Face Organic Lip Balm

Kiss My Face Lip Balm Organic Kiss My Face makes a wide range of organic bath and body products, including one of my absolute favorite lip balms.

Kiss My Face Certified Organic Lip Balm, SPF 15, Cranberry Orange is perfect for me in several ways:

  • It has SPF 15, so I can use it outside. I’m a stickler for always having sunscreen on my lips!
  • It is organic, which while not essential to me, I certainly do not complain about.
  • It is medium in texture, so it isn’t too heavy/waxy but also not too light/oily.
  • It tastes and smells great!

Here are the ingredients. I find the addition of titanium dioxide as one of the sunscreens particularly nice because that one won’t degrade in sunlight and provides full spectrum protection:

Active Ingredients (sunscreens): Octyl Methoxycinnamate, Benzophenone 3, Titanium Dioxide

Inactive Ingredients: Canola Oil (Certified Organic), Bees Wax (Certified Organic), Lecithin, Coconut Oil (Certified Organic), Royal Jelly, Propolis, Aloe Vera (Certified Organic), L Lysine, Tocopherol (Natural Vitamin E), Fruit Flavors (100% Natural)

My only complaint is that it doesn’t last quite as long as I think it could, although without making it waxier, that might be difficult.

Kiss My Face products are often available at natural food markets and health food stores. I have also seen them in some larger cosmetic stores and aisles. You can also comparison shop for Kiss My Face products on Bizrate/Shopzilla.

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  1. hi, i lead the marketing at kiss my face and saw your posting on our lip balms. We sincerely appreciate you recommending our products to your friends and family. As a small token of our appreciation, you and your readers can use code KMFBLOG3 until 11/1 to get 30% off of any order at Please also look for our brand new line of organic glosses and organic tints called SOS (Sheer Organic Shines and Sheer Organic Shimmers) launching in mid november. Thanks again for your support! Lewis Goldstein, VP Marketing @ Kiss My Face, [email protected]

  2. maria mills says:

    I just wanted to recommend a face cream that has powerful antioxidants in it. It actually have real blueberries in it.

    Its the Made from Earth Three Berry Face Cream. . .Its a thick cream, that doesn’t feel so thick once its applied to your skin, because your skin just soaks it up. I guess that’s because its completely organic and chemical free. I can use it at night for a night cream. . however, when I put it on during the day, I can even wear it under makeup because my skin just soaks it up. Its really amazing and I see my skin just glowing from it. I wish they would turn it into a body cream also. . definitely recommend for healthy organic women!

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