Dimitri James Skinn Cosmetics Lipstick and Gloss

Skinn cosmetics makes a couple of really nice lip items. The High Brilliance Lipstick is great stuff, especially considering the $14 price tag. The lipstick is creamy, long lasting and generally moisturizing. It also has anti-aging ingredients for a bit of double duty action.

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The Wet Shine Lip Gloss is also lovely. This tube gloss has a pretty good color payoff—more than the standard tube type usually has. Yet despite the extra pigment, it is low on the stickiness factor. It has Vitamin E, Soy, and aloe for conditioning agents. This one is another good value at $12.50.

Skinn also offers some nifty 3 piece and 6 peice sets.

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  1. Pat Synch says:

    Dimitri I have been trying for weks to get ahold of someone from your company. I purchased 2 eye kits here in Canada from Shopping channel. I went to use it & it was just about empty I had to use a Q tip to get it out the eye serum. Then I checked other bottle & same thing. I am not asking for the whole kit to be replaced, just the 2 eye serums. I am lost without them. Hoping you can help me thank you [personal information removed per privacy policy]

  2. Hi Pat: Girl Gloss and myself are not representatives of the Dimitri James Skinn company, so I am afraid that I can’t help you directly. If someone from the company sees this though, I ask that they post some contact information or get in touch with me so that I can pass it along. Thanks!

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