Review: L’Oreal Bare Naturale Lip Conditioner

L'Oreal Bare Naturale Lip Conditioner When I purchased a tube of L’Oreal Bare Naturale Lip Conditioner, I expected to love it. I normally like L’Oreal’s lip products, and what is not to love about a lip conditioner? But apparently not all things are a loveable as they would seem.

The Bare Natural Lip conditioner that I tried was too thick and a bit sticky! At first I thought it was perhaps because of high pigment, which will make me a little more forgiving of a thicker product and stickiness, but then I found that the pigment didn’t show all that much either. L’Oreal advertises this as light weight, but I found it to be heavier than any other lip item that I have used in the last several years.

It did have OK shine, and is advertised as 96% “natural origin” (whatever that means), for those who are interested in its other features. It is packaged in a rather small click up tube.

If you are headed out for drugstore lip products I suggest skipping this one. But do consider trying L’Oreal’s  HiP Jelly Balm instead (read review). Now that is lovely stuff!

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  1. I bought loreal bare naturale lip conditioner but cannot get any out of the tube – help! How do you “open” it or get it to flow??

  2. does anyone no how to get the bare naturale lip conditioner to work

  3. Hi! When I purchased mine, all I had to do was turn the tube to “click” the product up into the applicator. sometimes with that type of product though you have to turn it a lot before it starts flowing properly.

  4. This lip gloss is the best I’ve found in the past decade. I’ve read so many negative reviews, I have to wonder what these gals are excpeting for $9.95?! “Soft Spice” is the IDEAL color for me, and I mean PERFECT! The formula is terrific, and I have no trouble operating the gloss. Twist just enough to get a few drops to the surface–this is not difficult. I give this product Two Thumbs Up…three if I had ‘em!

  5. I can’t get the lip conditioner to come out, either. Is there any other trick anyone knows? I’ve twisted and turned a ton. What a stupid design on their part!! Help anyone?

  6. I just bought this yesterday and had a heck of a time getting it to work. It’s almost like the silver gray part and the clear bottom of the tube were stuck together and wouldn’t turn. I finally twisted the silver part really hard and it separated and now works.

    As far as the product, I like it but as others have pointed out it’s not very pigmented.

  7. It is interesting to read of all the troubles people are having with the tube on this one. Mine clicked up fine, so I guess I was one of the lucky ones, but it did take an awfully long time (many turns/clicks to get some product out.

  8. I bought L’oreal Bare Naturale lip gloss and could not get the gloss to come out…no matter how much I twisted the top. Once I pushed really hard on the silver part with the arrows and pulled on the plastic tube (to seperate the two) it came out. Nice gloss- awful design!!!

  9. Courtney says:

    Thought I’d try something new today, and sorry I did. I’ve twister, I’ve pulled, I’ve even asked my husband to try – and still I cannot get the L’Oreal Bare Natural Lip Conditioner to dispense any product.

  10. Well ladies this is March 2010 and the problems with this lipgloss still remains. Thought I try something new and I can’t get it flowing. Stupid design for expensive product.

  11. I can’t get this product to dispense. I even tried using my husband’s wrench to try and twist the floss from the silver attached ring with no luck. Geez! Come on! I won’t ever buy another one of these!

  12. I bought three of them today and i love them the color is what one should expect, as it is meant to enhance lip color, not create it. I also liked that it didn’t taste like anything, like some other glosses. kept me from eating it off!! Lol… And getting it to come out was easy. for all three of them.

  13. I LOVED this lip gloss!!!! It lasted for awhile and it made my lips so soft!! It wore naturally with no clumps. The shades are awesome as well. I was able to match my skin tone. I recommend this to anyone who hates that tacky sticky feeling that most lip glosses have.

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