My Lip Stuff: Lip Balm in 400 Flavors

My Lip Stuff Balm I used to think 31 flavors of ice cream was a lot. Now there are 400 flavors of lip balm! My Lip Stuff makes natural balms in just about every flavor imaginable. I gave a few a try, including a couple of odd ones.

On the odd side, jalapeno was rather interesting. It didn’t really taste much like the pepper, but it did impart a bit of pepper type burn. So it made me think of it as a plumping balm. I didn’t really see plumping from it, but it had that tingle.

Equally odd was Champagne. This one did not taste like champagne, and I’m not sure what it tasted like, but it had a strange flavor that I found odd but not really unpleasant.  I likely won’t stick with the flavor though.

Chai tasted a bit like spice and I liked it quite a bit. I also liked the Cranberry balm that I ordered.

And then there were my favorites: Cucumber Melon and Tangerine. Both had perfect flavor and got me hooked.

All of the balms are fairly medium to light in feel and do a decent job of moisturizing. The company also makes entirely vegan balms and can do custom labeling for bulk ordering if you want a whole bunch of balms of your favorite flavor with your name on it.  Doesn’t everyone need a whole bunch of balms?

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  1. I love the idea of so many flavors but these balms are a little too oily for my taste!

  2. I looove My Lip Stuff balms. In fact, I just applied my Upside Down Pineapple Cake balm (which, by the way, is a freakin’ awesome flavor, it’s totally dead-on). They are cheap, and they are glossy so it’s actually like a lip gloss instead of a lip balm.

    I’m glad you finally mentioned MLS on your (wonderful) blog. I’ve made many orders from MLS and yes, some of the flavors may be misses, but I’ve found a lot that I’ve even re-ordered. And I nearly never buy anything twice. :)

  3. Carleenp says:

    I’m guessing I’ll rarely get anything twice either. There are so many to try!

    But I also could see myself reordering the cucumber melon. That is one tasty balm!

  4. Omg Jalepeno lipbalm? Eeew lol


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