Maybelline Line Stylist Lip Liner

Maybelline Line Stylist Lip Liner

Maybelline has a pretty good soft lip liner at a nice price: The Maybelline Line Stylist. 

This is a very slimline liner–one of the thinnest I have seen. The tip does a good job at giving a thin line, or a bit thicker with a bit of pressure. It is also nice an soft, but doesn’t smear.

Oh, and the color lasts extemely well. What more can you ask for?

Well…. there is one small issue with it, and we’re talkin tiny here–really not a huge concern to me at least. The packing is such that you turn it to click it up out of the tube. If you click too far, there doesn’t seem to be a reverse function. So proceed slowly!

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  1. This lip liner is the best I’ve ever used! The colour is awesome and really lasts. I use it under my Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick (the only lipstick I buy!) and as a base under all of my lip glosses!

    Great lasting colour for eating, drinking and KISSING!

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