Stila Cherry Crush Lip and Cheek Stain

I have a full review of this over at Beauty and Fashion Tech. But I wanted to repost the picture here for those who might search on Girl Gloss for information on Stila Cherry Crush.

The picture below is taken in sunlight and shows the stain applied both thickly and thinly:

Basically, I love it–both the shade and the packaging are nice. You can see the full review at the link above.

Comparison Shop for Stila Cosmetics

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  1. I’ve tried it too and I love it! I love finding products like this Stila Stain, you know ones that can be used for more than one thing. Versatility is a must in my makeup collection.

  2. I absolutely love this product; I use it somewhat often (as often as possible if you’re a gal that likes to switch up her cosmetic looks often). *Especially* when I’m going for a super-natural look. Applied very very very lightly; it’s the perfect flushed color for cheeks. Dab a little clear gloss over your lips after using this, and oo la la. Worth the price! Getting plenty of bang for your buck with this dual purpose product. Though word to the wise – if you’re incredibly pale like I am, use a more-light-than-normal touch when applying to your cheeks.

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