Q & A With Chase Aston, International Makeup Artist for The Body Shop

pd_watermelon_born_lippy_balmThe body shop is running a great charitable promotion: Get Lippy, Prevent HIV. Right now, the proceeds from every limited edition Guarana Berry Lip Butter sold goes directly to the Staying Alive Foundation (http://www.staying-alive.org), funding HIV awareness and prevention for young people around the world.

Oh, and the Body Shops’ Watermelon Lippy (pictured) is one of the most heavenly pot lip butters around!

I really love Body Shop products and so I was quite happy when recently members of the Beauty Blog Network had the opportunity to ask questions of Chase Aston, International Makeup Artist for the Body Shop.

I asked Mr. Aston: What hot new lip colors should we be on the lookout for this Spring?

His answer:

Lips are awash with gloss again this season in the prettiest, pearlized shades. The Body Shop Lip Bloom is a brilliant high gloss and high pearl trend shades in a formulation and two up-to-the-minute shades (Tulip Peach – a soft pink gloss with a hint of golden peach; Soft Rose – a light, pretty and delicate pink gloss)

Check back soon for links to all of the other questions and answers with Chase Aston!

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  1. sasafrass says:

    wow,it’s great having 2 help people around d world using beauty products as their “endorser”,hey haven’t u notice dis is a really big trend,mabye even more BIGGER dan any trends dis 21st century? wat trend u ask? well,d “helping d enviroment n people” trend,of course.haven’t u realize???i bet u hav,it’s EVRYWERE !!!(not a typo,done it on purpose) :) Don’t jus’ stop at beauty brands,how about:TV shows,magazines n so many more! don’t jus’ stand there! stand up,run n go help d poor n enviroment!!! P.S. d Berry Lip Butter sounds yum,yum! ;)

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