MAC Strobe Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF 15

MAC Cosmetics Strobe Tinted  Lip Conditioner M.A.C. Strobe Tinted Lip Conditioner is a re-release of a product M.A.C. put out several years ago. I distinctly remember it, because while I loved the feel of the lip conditioner and the pretty tints that it came in, it had a bit of an off taste for me. Basically, it had that heavy lipstick taste that you sometimes get with cheap brands. So the last time around, I used up the tube that I bought, but kept wishing that M.A.C. would fix taste.

Well, here it is again. So when a couple of samples arrived for me from M.A.C., I quickly opened them up hoping for the same thing as last time minus the odd taste.

It still tastes the same.

Now to be fair, I am not seeing a lot of other people complaining about the taste (but I haven’t really looked very hard either). So maybe it is just me. Other than that, it is a delightful item. It feel nice, it protects and conditions, and the tint is just enough to be seen, but not enough to feel like you just put on a coat of lipstick.

I just wish it tasted better…….

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