Maybelline Shine Seduction Lip GLoss

Maybelline Shine Seduction Lip GlossI can’t believe how hard it is to find web sites selling Maybelline Shine Seduction Lip Gloss. It has been out for some time and is quite popular. So popular in fact that I never seem to be able to get the shades I want because the local stores are sold out! So I was a bit amused to find them for sale in pairs at

Maybelline Shine Seduction is pretty much tied with Rimmel’s Vinyl Lip as my favorite drugstore lipgloss.  Those serve different purposes for me, so I have a number of each.

First and foremost, Shine Seduction lives up to its name. This stuff shines to no end. But it also has some incredible colors and staying power. The color is a bit more opaque than I have seen in drugstore glosses and it reminds me at times of the more pigmented M.A.C. lipglass shades. The stickiness factor is low, which is surprising considering the amount of pigment, but it can feel a bit thick if you put a lot on.

I also love the packaging. Maybelline put Shine Seduction is click up tubes that twists the gloss up through several little holes. It makes evenly dispensing and applying the product quite easy. Bitten Plum (pictured) is a great neutral plum shade that has become my favorite.

Maybelline has also just released Volume XL Seduction Lip Plumper, which is a plumping version. I am loving that as well and will write more on it in the future. Both types can be found in all major drugstores.

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  1. Yes! Maybelline Shine Seduction is definitely one of my favorite drugstore lipglosses. I love how moisturizing it is! The shine lasts for a decent time, and the color payoff is also very nice. I especially love the applicator! It’s very easy to clean. I have Shine Seduction in Beaming Berry, and the VolumeXL in Pouty Passion. I do wish they had a wider color palette, though.


  1. [...] If you are familiar with Maybelline Shine Seduction lip gloss, a gloss that I happen to think is one of the best drugstore ones out there, then this one will seem familiar. Maybelline VolumeXLSeduction Plumping Gloss is the same thing, but with an oh so tingly lip plumper added. For more on the original Maybelline Shine Seduction gloss, see my original review. [...]

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