Sally Hansen Lip Inflation

Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Lipgloss PlumperI am declaring Sally Hansen Lip Inflation as a top drugstore lip plumper. Freeze 24/7 is my favorite higher end plumper.

Lip inflation is first and foremost an excellent gloss. It is all that you would expect in a quality gloss–nice and shiny, feels moisturizing, gives a nice color tint, etc. So when coupled with its good price, I would recommend it for those reasons alone.

But Sally Hansen also managed to make a lip plumper that perhaps works a bit. So often I see nothing when I try a lip plumper. I like the tingle, so I happily buy them without any expectations and when I think I see something, then I get impressed. Lip Inflation did not get me jumping for joy the way Freeze 24/7 did, but I did think I got a tiny bit of plumping, which I can’t say for almost all other lip plumpers out there, especially not drugstore brand ones.

On a side note: Sally Hansen has been impressing me a lot lately in the lip product department. Normally people think of them for nails, but they are quickly becoming lip product specialists as well and are doing a consistently good job at it. So check them out for any of your lip product needs.

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  1. Hi Girl Gloss, Great review! I love Sally Hansen’s stuff as well. My only complaint about their Lip Inflation is that both of mine leaked. It was like I couldn’t get the caps on tight enough. I just keep them in baggies now so that they don’t gloop up the rest of my “tackle box”.


  2. I’m always on the lookout for new lip stuff.. but sadly too often they make my lips sore, so I end up back with just vaseline..

  3. I also found the Sally Hansen Lip Plumper to be a great gloss with a bit of plumping action, yet mine leaked as well.

    I LOVE the tingle. I recently tried the new Maybelline VolumeXLSeduction Lip Plumper and I’m totally diggin’ it. It’s got that fun clicky pen thing where the product comes out of holes in the top. I like it.

  4. I too adore the new Maybelline plumper! I have a review of that in the works.

  5. Angela Whitehouse says:

    Have you tried Too Faced Lip Injection? I haven’t tried it but heard that it is the best.

  6. Angela: I have tried it, but not written up a review yet. I generally liked it, but it doesn’t work as well for me as ones such as freeze 24/7 (which unfortunately is expensive). I put it in the middle to better end of the plumpers. The fact of the matter is that few really do much. I still like the tingle they give though!

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