Smashbox O-Gloss

Smashbox has just released Smashbox O-Gloss, a lip version of their O-Glow blush that supposedly adjusts to your perfect color.

Smashbox O-Gloss Lip Gloss
I was a bit surprised at the release. First off, these products do not somehow magically read your skin tone and adjust to your perfect shade. Instead, they simply change color when applied, and present the same shade for everyone. It doesn’t know squat about your natural skin shade or your best color. That had gotten fairly well reported back when O-Glow blush was released. See, for example, The Beauty Brain’s post: Why Smashbox Should Be Ashamed of O-Glow Blush.Second, the blush version routinely had poor blog reviews because the shade it changed to was not really flattering for many people (although I know of a few who really liked the shade). For a good description, see Beauty Addict’s review of the blush. It was heavily advertised though, and I suppose that the concept went over well with the consumer, leading to the creation of the lip version.

So of course I was skeptical about this one. At $22, and knowing that a bunch of other bloggers were not keen on the blush, I sure as heck was not going to buy this to review it. But my local Ulta store carries Smashbox, so I ducked in to see what it was like using the sample in the store.

Sure enough, Smashbox O-Gloss turns the same shade if you put it on your lips, your hand, or even on paper. With that said, the color is not an obnoxious fusia shade like the O-Glow blush is–something else that I verified while at Ulta. Instead, the shade is a delicate light pink that I rather liked. The color shown in the photo is pretty accurate in terms of the color of the gloss. It also is nicely shiny.

I like Smashbox gloss in general, so I suppose if you can get past the gimmicky claim that O-Gloss adjusts to your skin tone and you are looking for a nice baby pink gloss, it is worth checking out. Smashbox also makes great lip glosses of the normal everyday variety.

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  1. I really like O-Gloss too. The consensus seems to be that the gloss is much more univerally flattering than the blush. And one thing I do want to add is how moisturizing it is; it’s not sticky at all.

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