Aquafina Hydrating Lip Oil

Aquafina Hydrating Lip OilAquafina, as in the Pepsico bottled water product, has one heck of a great new lip product. If you like minty moisturizing gels, you absolutely must RUN and get this new item!

What is it? It is Aquafina Hydrating Lip Oil. Where is it? At grocery and drug stores near you for around only $3. (Update 2/3/2010: This product is getting hard to find. However, read the comments for suggestions and also check eBay. I saw a number of lip items on there from Aquafina.)

This gel/oil is one tasty, moisture packing, shine imparting, product! I hope it becomes popular, because I foresee going through many tubes of the stuff. With vitamin E, sweet almond and jojoba oil, it moisturizes quite well, yet it is gel enough in consistency that it sticks around awhile, so reapplication isn’t needed horribly often.

But then, even though it might not be needed, you may find yourself reapplying it often because of the taste. The product contains menthol and it has a great minty menthol taste and a bit of a menthol tingle. It also is quite strong. While there are plenty of mint balms and gels out there, I haven’t come across very many with a menthol taste and tingle like this one. I love it! Of course if you hate strong tastes in a lip product, then you won’t want this one. But the menthol and mint lovers out there will certainly enjoy this one.

I have been coming across rave reviews of this one in all sorts of places, so it seems that I’m not the only one who is in love with it. Look for it at your local drugstore.

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  1. How cool, Aquafina lip balm. What will they think up next? Aquafina chewing gum? I was just thinking with the strong mint taste and all.

    I will keep my eyes open for this one.

  2. i love it it’s amazing it makes mii lips taste yummy and it feel great

    = ]

  3. I love it makes my lip feel great. Where can I find this in bulks for purchase online? I need some more.

  4. Hi Nikky! The Aquafina product is so new, that it is a bit hard to find, both online and off. But I did find a three pack available at The link is too monster long to post, but if you go to and then search for aquafina hydrating lip oil, you will pull it up.

  5. I LOVE this lip gloss I saw it and thought that I’d just try it and now I can’t get enough of the stuff. Its really great! Trust me, I know.
    -The Lip Gloss Expert

  6. GAYLE COWAN says:


  7. Hi Gayle! Girl Gloss and myself are not company representatives, so I lack specific purchase information. I have seen the lip oil in grocery stores and some drug stores in Illinois. You can also buy it online at

  8. Sheri Blessing says:

    We love the Aquifina Lip Balm, but can’t find it in our area, Newport Beach, California. Can you please help us out?



  9. barbara phillips says:

    i love the lip balm but it says that there is 2g’s in the container but there is 1/4 that cant be used because it is in the hard plastic at the bottom. surly they can fix that problem. i use 3 of these a month. i hate throwing away 1/4 of it. please let me know if the problem can be fixed. thanks

  10. I love this product….. but i cant find it any where :(

  11. Hi, i am a lip gloss addict. i have like 26 thinks of lipgloss and counting… and this produst. (the flavor blast ones) are my FAVE, if i dont have them i feel incomplete.. i feel DEAD. but i NEEEEEEEED this stuffffffffff!!!!!!!!! im gonna try to talk my mom into getting it tomorrow.. IM SOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!! its all i can think about now!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. i loveeeeeeee this stuff.
    i got it once at claire’s
    but alas, i lost it.

  13. i had this lipgloss its great it’s great when you get sick because it opens your nasal passages and it tastes great and at walmart they have 4 lipglosses for 2.88 i have been begging my mom to take me to the store so i can get it

  14. i got a pack of aquafina from the dollar store for a dollar! and i use it very often but it hurts my lips alittle is it normal?

  15. Carleenp says:

    Lisa: It shouldn’t hurt to wear it. If you are experiencing discomfort, it may be that you are sensitive or allergic to one of the ingredients. There is a strong mint flavor to the aquafina product, and that could irritate people who are sensitive. It is nice stuff, but I don’t recommend using it if it is irritating for you.

  16. Bought this lip oil to keep in my work truck so I have something there all the time. After 2 weeks it went rancid and smells terrible. Had to throw the whole tube out.

  17. Katez, that’s odd. I wonder what caused it, perhaps the heat? I’ve had my Aquafina lip balm for at least eight months now because I don’t experience dry lips often. It still smells, tastes and feels great.

  18. I LOVE this product! I use it by itself most of the time, but also mix eye shadow with a dot of it to make tinted lip oil. It lasts longer than glosses I’ve bought in the past. I really hope they keep making this for a long time. I also use the Aquafina lip balm (the original with the blue cap) on a daily basis. It’s good stuff.

  19. This is good but at what store has it

  20. i bought it at the dollar store.. love ittt!

  21. I love this lip oil soooo much that I bought every tube the Dollar General store had in stock! Awesome lip gloss!

  22. Why can’t I purchase it here at this website? I just posted the fact that I cannot find this at three of my local drug stores!! Have not checked WalMart, but after this frustrating search, I doubt I will find it. If you don’t make it anymore, why is it still shown on this website? PLEASE ADVISE SOONEST. Thanks, [email protected] 1/29/10

  23. I just both the four pack Aquafina Lip Balm today at Clair’s and I love it! this product is amazing (specially) if you have dry/cracked lips. I suggest everyone buy this.

  24. Carole: This website (GirlGloss) is a blog that reviews lip items. It is not a representative of any of the companies written about and is not an online store. Items reviewed are not removed once a product is discontinued because the material may still be of use to someone. Think of it sort of like old magazine archives.

    The upshot is that I do not have the ability to sell the product to you. However, if you read through some of the comments, you will see that people are finding the item at various locations. Also, check eBay! I saw some on there.

  25. Hey all! You can also check eBay for Aquafina lip items. I ran a search and saw a number of items on there.

  26. I hav the rasberry lip oil the taste is not good, the smell is awsome and strong and you will find yourself putting it on again and again. I got it at clairs for $3.50 or $4.00 for an 11 it’s too much money and not good enough but it does hydrate ur lips i give it a 2 out of 5

  27. clairs the jewlery store has it but its pricey

  28. Only problem is that it’s made in the good old PRC. Don’t trust anything to be put on my lips from them.


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