PowderPuff Beauty You Glow Girl Lip and Cheek Palette

I recently tried out some lip and cheek products from PowderPuff Beauty, a line created by Los Angeles based makeup artist Nidia Alire. Using colors and pigments created for the industry makeup artist, yet also friendly to the casual user, the line fits in cute refillable palettes.

PowderPuff Sqaud You Glow Girl Palette
I was quite impressed with the items that I tried. I received a 4 pan palette with two Double Agent Creme Lip/Cheek Pigments and two lip glosses that compose the You Glow Girl Set. The palette is made of a thick coated cardboard that has a magnetic closure and magnetic pan holder. Each pan is good sized and is removable. The lip gloss shades were gorgeous and gave a nice medium gloss tint.

The dual agent items in the palette particularly impressed me. These lip and cheek pigments work both as a creme blush and as a lipstick/lip stain. They are well pigmented and fairly buildable, so you can start sheer and go deeper as desired. I found warming the pigment a bit on my hand or fingers before putting it on the cheeks helped it blend best.  I used a standard lip brush for applying them on my lips. Try them on your lips with a bit of the gloss on top for a great base color and shine!

At prices around $12-14 per pan, these quality items are a pretty good value. Plus the case is darn cute!

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  1. The Double Agent Creme Lip and Cheek Pigments are amazing! I use them all the time now with fantastic results. Thanks for the tips!

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