Contest! Win M.A.C. Cosmetics Holiday Lip Products!

Note: This contest has ended. It was a 2007 contest.

M.A.C. Cosmetics has some great lip items in their Holiday Collections. This reader giveaway will allow one lucky person to win a sampling of them! Up for grabs are the following products:

From the Curiositease Collection: 5 cool shades of lipglass and lustreglass in an oval gift container.

M.A.C. Cosmeitcs Curiositease Lipglass Cool Shades
From the Royal Assets Collection: The tan lips palette.
Tan Lips Palette M.A.C. Royal Assets Holiday Collection
From the Finery Collection: The tan lips kit, consisting of two lipsticks, a lipglass, and a cosmetic bag.
M.A.c. Cosmetics Tan Lips Finery Holiday Collection lipstick lipglass
To enter, leave a comment between now the end of December 12, 2007, with a few sentences about why you want to win these M.A.C. lip products. You don’t have to write a whole lot, but just saying “hi” won’t cut it!Be sure to fill in your email so that I can contact you if you win. Email addresses will not be published. On December 13, I will randomly draw a winner and notify him or her by email. One entry per household please. Duplicate entries will be disqualified.

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  1. ladybugy06 says:

    I would love to have this!!! oh gosh…i love MAC soo much it hurts my wallet!! i just got into mac this year and i love it!! I’m such a broke college student, i couldn’t afford the collection. i still don’t have anything yet!! from the holiday stuff. ooh i wish i win, it will TOTALLY MAKE my CHRISTMAS A mUCH HAPPIER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ooo I want to win this! I like the little oval gift container :) I have never tried MAC before but I always hear great things about it!

  3. I really feel like MAC outdid themselves this year with their various holiday collections. From the luxurious packaging to the great selection of colors, not to mention the great quality, makes all of these a great addition to our makeup stash. Winning these would be a great gift.

    Thanks so much for the giveaways!

  4. I am a lover of all things makeup, especially MAC. The collections this holiday season are stellar, and I would love nothing more than to make these items my own. These items would definitely find a nice home and be put to good use on my cosmetic shelf. :)

  5. Emily Burd says:

    The only MAC product I have ever owned is one of their fantastic “slimshine” lipsticks, and I absolutely love it. Winning these products would definitely make a happy champagne birthday as well.. 21 on the 21st!

  6. just found this site from your other blog, thanks for the heads up. while i love make up and adore m.a.c. products, i am truly a lip junkie. maybe because that is consistently what i do wear every single day. am liking what i see here so far, can’t wait for more

  7. My mom only uses MAC makeup- which she has to travel 3 hours on a monthly basis to buy. I would like to win this and give it to her for christmas…maybe save her a trip!

  8. I love MAC product.
    I have used MAC eye shadows. You guys make the coolest color pallet!
    But unfotunately, I’ve never tried your MAC lip products.
    I bet they’d do perfectly well with the MAC shadows and overall make up.
    Please pick me!!!! :P

  9. LauraAnn516 says:

    mmmm MAC cosmetics are faannnnnntastic

  10. I’ve always wanted many of Mac’s lip products but just couldnt afford to do so. I’m a full time college student hoping to win these fantastic lip products. Christmas is coming up and I’m dying for these! I’ve checked out many of Mac’s lip products and it makes me sad because my wallet is pretty much empty. The only way to get to the closest Mac store is to drive one and a half hours to get there. I love Mac and trust Mac, please be mine!… :( —-> :)

    Thank you!

  11. I love MAC but it hurts my pocket book. it has been a minute since I have been able to make a MAC purchase so this woulde be great.

  12. Any one of these I would die for! Good luck to me!

  13. I’m from Belgium and there is only 1 shop in Belgium who sells MAC products, it’s a 2-hour drive ( to Antwerp) and my parents find it “silly” to go so far, for “just some make-up”, but about a year ago my aunt went to Antwerp, she bought tons of make-up, she always buys things she wont ever use, so she ‘donated’ some of her make-up and it included a Mac lipgloss and I never found a product wich I used so gladly and I never had the oppurtunity to use other Mac-products. So now I ask you: pick me ;) I’m happy with anything :) x

  14. WOW!! I ADORE MAC products and have only had a few opportunities to actually use the makeup when my friends have offered to lend it for special occasions. It would be unreal to actually be able to wear it every day!! How amazing!!

  15. Anastasia says:

    I want to win because I would love to experiment with this make up :) I’m albino and because I am so pale and partially blind, I’ve been afraid to try out new products. This would give me just the excuse I need :D

  16. I would LOVE to win this MAC set. I see Mac products in magazines all the time, and I sit there wishing I could afford these. This would be such a nice gift for me. I would truly cherish them.

  17. I LOVE Lip Gloss!! I would so love to try out this brand!!
    THanks so much for a great giveaway!!

  18. I get so excited whenever there’s a MAC contest – I love the posh antique-y line that’s out now! Haven’t won anything yet but I’m no quitter! ;) I’ve been looking around for a nice lip gloss and have NO idea what to get. Plus those lipstick tubes would be so pretty to carry around. :) I’m too embarrassed to go up to makeup counters and ask for help with this kind of stuff so this way I wouldn’t have to. ;)

  19. Coming from a family of 4 girls . . . makeup is always a real treat. i would love to share these cute shades with my sisters.

  20. I love MAC products! And I want to look great during the festive season!

    Merry Xmas everyone!!

  21. Christi Bakken says:

    Your blogs are wonderful! Thanks for sharing all your beauty knowledge. I love lip balm, lipstick, & lipgloss & I would love, love to have any one of these MAC sets. Please consider picking me- I have had a very tough year and this would really brighten up my life right now!

  22. donna burrage says:

    i would love to have some new colors to bring out my lips especially at this holiday season and i hate be honest but i’ve never been able to try mac products. that would be such great christmas present! hope everybody has a sfe holiday!

  23. Ooo.. hope I win!

  24. I’ve been lemming this collection!!!!

    I wanted to buy new makeup for my birthday which is 5 days before christmas and this is exactly what I had in mind.So,hoping to win this (fingers crossed)

  25. love mac makeup!


    I really hope to win =)
    I actually even have a couple people in mind to give these to as gifts!

  27. joann wyss says:

    I would LOVE to win the MAC lip products! A few years ago I would have simply placed an order or shopped at the mall.Then my world changed. I was diagnosed with CML leukemia.(NOT A SOB STORY TO WIN !).Now I have to worry about the doughnut hole of Medicare part D.My chemo. is expensive so now I just look.I’d love some MAC to brighten my day !!

  28. jennifer emery says:

    Of all the lip lines out there, MAC is by far the best. I love their chromeglass. All of the lipstick are amazing too. The Viva collection colors looks great on anyone.

  29. Oh that would be really nice to have!! I’m in law school and so I have a very limite budget and make up is not a part of it!! Happy Holidays Everyone!!

  30. I’ve been a HUGE MAC fan for years. Paramount is my staple color but I always love to try others.

  31. Jennifer Cerbone says:

    Well, the reason I should win is because I have never tried M.A.C. cosemtics. This is just the first time I have heard of it, and it would be great for me to try the products for the first time. I think the products look great.

  32. Mac rocks!

  33. joann wyss says:

    I would love to win! There was a time that I could have purchased something like this at the mall or online,but that was before I got CML leukemia.Dealing with medicare part D doesn’t leave much for the finer things anymore.This would really perk up my looks !!!

  34. I looooooove MAC cosmetics!!! I used to have many shadows of theirs, but my addiction was getting expensive. I would love to try the lip colors for this sure to be freezing holiday season! xxxx

  35. All the products look so pretty! I don’t have anything from M.A.C maybe it’ll be my first try *g*

  36. Ashleigh Palazzo says:

    Makeup is my life… and Mac makes amazing product… If I had the money to only buy Mac i would… excellent prize sugar… you guys have the best prizes :) I hope to win but if i dont maybe someone will buy them for me for christmas tee hee

  37. i’ve recently discovered how blah & unkempt i look w/out some color on my lips, but i have nothing to use, and i prefer a gloss! this giveaway is screaming my name. i remember coveting my high school friend’s perpetually vinyl shiny lips with his M.A.C. lipglass…

  38. I’d love to win this to use as gifts for my girlfriends for Christmas. My wallet’s empty and Christmas is coming up… so being able to give them something wonderful to spoil them, just to let them know how fabulous they are & how much I appreciate them, would be such a treat!

  39. I am addicted to all things for lips- in my bag I invariably have 4 lipsticks and multiple glosses, but I’ve never tried MAC before.

  40. This mac collection would be great for me because these are my best colors. I could look glamorous for Christmas!

  41. Wow, its gorgeous.. I want these stuff. I had never owned MAC cosmetics before. :)

  42. These fabulous products would make an ideal gift to my beloved other half!

  43. I’m trying to give myself a makeover and these would be a perfect addition.

  44. Trudi Shaw says:

    Those colors look so good. They’d greatly complement my tan skin complexion.

  45. I’m another lip product junkie who hasn’t tried MAC products before. Hello, how corny am I? I want to win these super cool products because it’s my birthday on Dec 13th, I love to try before I buy, winning anything is superfantaboulous, and, and, umm, cause they are pretty. Yep. Dork alert over here. They are beautiful and thanks for the opportunity, thats very cool that you are going through the trouble of sharing. Very nice.

  46. Rebekah Mack Bono says:

    I would love to win! I think M.A.C. is incredible, and these are just amazing!

  47. Kris Geer says:

    I’ve always heard about MAC and have been curious as to if it lives up to the hype. Plus, I am a poor college student that could never afford to buy MAC on my own and this would be greatly appreciated! :) On top of all that I just got a divorce a few months ago and it’s about time for me to start dating again. Great lip gloss would be very, um, beneficial. ;) LOL

  48. Oh I would love to win this. I love their lip products. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  49. oooooh! Oh, I am dreaming about these! I LOVE lipglass, which is the only MAC product I have purchased so far. I have the Viva Glam V which is my absolute favorite shade of all time. I’d love to try some more shades of lipglass, and try the other lip products as well. Oh my, I’d LOVE to win!

  50. I sooo love MAC makeup but never take the time or money to spoil myself (my family always comes first)… but if I get lucky and win some now that would be awesome !

  51. Wow, I’d really love to win this! I’ve never actually tried the MAC lip range, and have been really getting into some of their other products… I just can’t normally afford to spend on that stuff! I’d so love to be able to test it out!

  52. Nobody does makeup better than M.A.C! I haven’t purchased any other kind of makeup product since I’ve started wearing makeup…plus I asbolutely love M.A.C’s commitment to making a difference through the M.A.C AIDS fund. This would be the absolute best way to spoil myself and my M.A.C loving sister this holiday seasons!

  53. martha manning says:

    I love mac lipsticks because they taste so good…but unfortunately I only own two. I would love to expand my mac lip collection!! Those are so pretty!!

  54. I would love to win these products because I’m a Lip Junkie! I love lip glosses, lipsticks, liner, compacts, etc…and constantly wear at least one at all times. I also want to win because I own no MAC products, because lately I can’t allow them in my budget, so I’m stuck with last years colors! Any help to beautify my lips would be greatly appreciated.

  55. I’d love to win these MAC lip products because I’ve always said that I’m not a “lip person” since I do not like the tacky feel or strange smell of lip products. But I’ve since seen sooo many reviews and tutorials on MAC lip products touting how they do not feel tacky like other brands and that they smell like vanilla cake batter!! I recently ordered my first MAC lipstick: Mattene lipstick in Composure and i’m SOO excited to enter the world of MAC lip stuff :).
    I hope I win these items to start off my lip collection! :)!

  56. I would luv to win these products. I have never tried M.A.C. cosmetics and would luv to find a product that doesn’t dry my lips in the cold, snowy winters we have.

  57. I’m a mom of 4 who, over the years, has done less and less for myself. The last time that I received MAC was about 3 years ago. My husband purchased the items for me because he could tell that I was going through some sort of funk. Well, I’ve had baby number 4 about a year ago and I’m in the same funk. I don’t think that I even realized it until I came across this giveaway. I’ve found that the more involved I get with the kids, the less attention I give to my appearance. While I’m sure that this may be the case for many other moms out there, I know the relationship that I once shared with MAC. Our relationship is now nearly nonexistent because it’s just easier to grab something from the drug store when you’re picking up diapers. How sad is that? Anyway, I’d not only love to receive these products because I adore them, but I’m certain that my family would appreciate it if mom could just revisit even a piece of her former self.

  58. I am a huge MAC fan and I’m definitely lusting after the Curiositease cool lipglass and lustreglass set and the both of the tan lips sets are gorgeous too! I generally go after pinky colors so those cool lipglasses and lustreglasses will still look great paired over the tan colors for some extra oooomph!!!

  59. I’d like to win these products because I’ve never tried MAC before! I love lipstick and lip gloss, and the packaging for these is so nice. And I’ve been reading and hearing about how great MAC products are for awhile now, but I’ve never gotten around to trying them out. So yeah, I’d love to win. ^_^

  60. Do any of us REALLY need a reason why we want to win?? LOL. Well, here’s mine: I’m havin’ a BIG M.A.C. ATTACK, and I’m not talkin’ about cheeseburgers! What’s with that extra 1/2 bun in the middle, anyways?

    Spread the LOVE to Canada, and send these lovely goodies North of the border to one of your loyal Canadian readers :)

  61. I wouild love to win beacuse I’ve never tried any Mac products before, they are not sold where I live. Also I’m a super huge lipgloss junkie, & I’ve heard all the awesome reviews about Mac products.

  62. Lip and eye products are my all time favorites!! I have very few good quality products, due to having to spend my money on more important things like this 800 dollar hospital bill I just paid! Point is, LIFE comes with all types of stresses and its nice to have the little things to cheer ya up! I adore and enjoy makeup and everything BEAUTY! Since I was little I’ve been practicing my make-up skills ;) (yes…even with MARKERS on various family members LOL). I would be more than grateful for these gifts if I were to win. Goodluck to everyone!


  63. I haven’t tried MAC; but I’ve good thngs about it, especially the eye color. I like the color pallete for these lip colors.

  64. I am a MAC makep devotee! Their products are the best–lipsticks that don’t melt and last for hours–what else could girl ask for. I would love to update my MAC makeup with some fresh colors.

  65. I have heard so much about MAC cosmetics! I absolutely love their collections. I would be grateful to be able to try these new colors. This would be an awesome Christmas gift if I (hopefully) win!

  66. You know, with all the shopping for friends and family I’ve been doing lately, winning a treat for myself would be just desserts, don’t you think? Please?

  67. This prize looks super sweet! I’ve used MAC eye make-up and lipglass and think they’re awesome. I would love to win this! MAC is so fun to use.

  68. Oh, I love love love MAC products! This would be a great prize to win!!

  69. I would love to win these as my makeup wardrobe needs an update very badly. MAC is always trendy and hip. A girl can’t go wrong with holiday sets that are aimed to please!

  70. Collette Curtis says:

    I would love to have any of these products as I have run out of everything lip related in my makeup bag! I am using one lone lip tint and would love a colorful lipsick for the holidays! Thanks and happy holidays to everyone!

  71. Please i would love to win something: I just broke up with my boyfriend and could really use a boost of positive energy right now. Thank you!

  72. I have one daughter who uses Mac cosmetics almost exclusively….and one who has never tried them. This would be the perfect introduction to Mac cosmetics for that one, and the colours and style of packaging would be just the right “fit”.

  73. Why? Ok to be honest, I love trying new cosmetics. And I have never tried Mac cosmetics. Name me one woman who wouldn’t jump at the chance to win free cosmetics to try? LOL…

  74. I have never tried mac so it would be great to be able to try it out. I almost always try to wear lipstick / gloss even when I dont use other makeup. I HEAR too, that once you try MAC you never go back… :P

  75. M.A.C. is the BEST! All I can say is, like the other contestants I’d like to have the luxury of M.A.C. products & it’s always nice to feel beautiful.

  76. Congrats to Erin, comment number 50, on winning this drawing! Erin, I have sent you an email.

  77. Wow!

  78. I recently acquired this crazy obsession with all the cool MAC products. I would love to collect all the neat eye shadows and I’m a total lip gloss junkie! I would love to feel beautiful again. This is coming from a mom of two who usually doesn’t have time to pamper herself or feel beautiful as of late. These items would definetely help!! ;)

  79. I love the M.A.C. products. I tired them once by chance and I have been hooked ever since. I used to not wear much make up but then when I tired M.A.C. it just worked so well. I think it’s easy to find things that suit me more.

  80. OMG I absolutely love MAC. I’m not the greatest at appyling funky makeup but man I would love to add this to my collection and improve my cosmetology skills. =) Pleeeease choose me!!

  81. Jackie Reinhart says:

    HI, My Name is Jackie I have many reasons for needing these products. I’ve recently had two children, and my life is really hectic………..If I could purchase your products, and they were available closer to me…then I would pamper myself once in a while… with a 2 year old and a 4 month old is pretty difficult, its hard to remember to spend some time on mommy….lol

  82. Hello,

    My name is Sarah and I absolutely adore MAC cosmetics. I can really tell the difference of quality with MAC, as it is the highest quality makeup I have ever tried.

    Mac lip products are long lasting and feel amazing on the lips. The lip glosses feel smooth and not sticky, while the lipsticks stay on all night and make your lips feel great!

    Unfortunately, MAC cosmetics are sort of expensive and I would love to win some free products!

    - Sarah


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