Promising Appetite Suppressing From a Lip Balm? Promise Lip Balm

Promise Lip Treatment makes an interesting promise–it acts as a appetite suppressant. Containing oils of castor, coconut, spearmint, jojoba, evening primrose, sweet orange, grapefruit, lime, ginger, yerba mate, and vitamin E, it at least sounds pretty tasty! Does that suppress the appetite though?

The company website is pretty careful to say that it is not a diet product, even when alternating that with explanations of how use of the product can suppress the appetite. It does contain yeba mate and some other ingredients that can act as appetite suppressants, although I am more familiar with yerba mate being effective when ingested as a tea. I am a bit skeptical of how it would work when simply put on the lips. Heck, reading the ingredients makes me hungry! Mmmm…. grapefruit, lime and ginger!

In any event, it is there and makes some interesting claims. It also is pretty affordable and is likely perfectly fine as a balm. Like I said, it sounds tasty! Does lip balm have calories?

If anyone has tried it, let us know!

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