Links of the Week

These are just a few things that caught my eye recently:

I love lip products, and I love baseball, so how could I not notice a blog called Lipgloss and Baseball?

Want to make some honey and beet lip balm?

I have been meaning to check out the Rimmel lipgloss that has a mirror and a light in the lid, but I haven’t gotten around to it. For an in depth look at it, head on over to the review of it at Lipstick is my Crack.

The Budget Fashionista has a review of Jane Iredale lip gloss.

The Celebrity Cowboy asks Would you by lipstick if you knew Amy Winehouse tried it on first?

Want a free Benefit Lip Gloss? Over at Beauty and Fashion Tech, I posted a coupon offer for a free gloss with $40 purchase.

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  1. Hey! I finally took the time to Google my blog and saw this posting. I am sorry that there isn’t a lot about lipgloss this season. I think next season we need a color of the game and then I can show off my obsession with Sephora and MAC.


  2. Hey Jen! Thanks for stopping by. I love the color of the game idea! Somewhere I have a photo of me trying on lipstick at a cubs game. I was trying to get a photo of a MAC shade in natural light and thought of it while at the game. LOL!

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