Not Already Addicted To Lip Balm? Add Caffeine!

Spazzstick caffeinated lip balmJust last week I wrote about lip balm addiction. Now you can add in your caffeine addiction as well!

I thought I had seen everything in lip balm, but this one was new to me. The appropriately named Spazzstick  claims to be the world’s only caffeinated lip balm and has a patent pending. The web site is a pretty fun read as well, so run over there and take a particular look at the amusing faqs.

Why a caffeine ladden balm? Wouldn’t a good latte do the trick? According to the site, Spazzstick was developed by an Alaskan Police Officer who needed lip balm for the cold and also desired the ability to stay awake during his long shifts.

I suppose that Alaska is a perhaps bit low on the range of Starbucks density……. That, and the developers say that the inventor doesn’t like coffee. I guess nobody is perfect……

My immediate question was: Does it work? The site claims that it does. According to the site, the “copious amounts” of caffeine in the product is absorbed into the skin. I haven’t tried it– not yet anyway (I am considering it), so I can’t personally vouch for that. It comes in four flavors: Mint, Chocolate, Orange, and Vanilla. At $2.99 per tube, it is also quite affordable.

I can’t see giving up latte for something like this. But it sure does sound unique!

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