Liparazzi Illuminating Gloss and Lipstick

Liparazzi LipglossI sure do love pink……

So, you just gotta love a pretty pink lipgloss and lipstick with a built in mirror! Liparazzi Illuminating Lipgloss in Stalker is in just about my favorite shade of pink. OK, so anything in pink is my favorite shade of pink. I’m pretty easy there!

Liparazzi Illuminating Lipstick in All Access is an equally nice shade, also with a mirror. Sometimes that extra little step in packaging is just what will get me to buy!

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  1. This looks just like the new Rimmel gloss that I reviewed!

  2. I haven’t actually seen the new Rimmel one, but I have read the reviews. I think this one is really similar to it.

  3. Bonjour773 says:

    I have read the reviews on the Rimmel Gloss…has anyone used either one of these?

  4. Bonjour773 says:

    Can anyone recommend a autumn color of a gloss for this fall?

  5. M.A.C has a bunch of nice fall colors, especially in their new Smoke Signal Collection. Rimmel also has some deep berry shades with lots of pigment, so they last a long time. I think any dark neutral shade or plum/berry shade is good for fall.

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